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Water Skills for Life Beach

Teachers, please give us your feedback. 

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Were making water safety and Water Skills for Life an integral part of a childs learning through the Health & PE Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. And to make it truly effective to ensure a generational improvement in childrens knowledge, attitudes and behaviour around water, we will embed Water Skills for Life into authentic environmental learning to make water safety skills training reflective of real life experiences.

Water Safety New Zealand is working with a collective of aquatic education providers, to develop Water Skills for Life Beach education programme, targeting students in Year 3 – 8 at primary school.

Research suggests that aquatic skills are developed faster and retained for longer, when they are experienced and learnt in and about natural environments. The new Water Skills for Life Beach programme will incorporate all the learnings from the foundation programme, Water Skills for Life with the added in-depth learnings around beach/rocky foreshore recreation and water safety.

The programme will have various learning components which may be experienced in the classroom, on field trips to the beach (dryland), in a pool/wave pool and in, on and around the water at the beach. It will ideally be taught in school time and will align with the NZ Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

We are interested in receiving responses from teachers about what you think about this programme, how it could be designed and delivered to ensure it meets yours and your students' needs.

Thank you in advance for your feedback which will be collated and discussed among the working group comprising members of Water Safety New Zealand, Surf Lifesaving New Zealand, Surfing New Zealand, Swimming New Zealand and other partners.

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