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It's always a good time for Water Skills for Life

If ever there was a case for national adoption of Water Safety New Zealand’s (WSNZ) Water Skills for Life (WSFL) aquatic education programme, it's now. In light of School Sport NZ’s recent research, which highlights reducing numbers of student and teacher participation in ‘traditional’ sport, WSNZ’s foundation aquatic education programme is the answer to safe and growing participation in aquatics in New Zealand’s schools.

WSFL is easy to teach, fun for students to participate in and is opening the eyes of teachers, parents and students to the possibilities of safely participating in any water sport. Let’s think ocean swimming, triathlons, surfing, waka ama, kayaking, boogie boarding, standup paddle boarding, bombing and free diving. And traditional sports including sailing, water polo and swimming also stand to benefit if teachers and students are more confident in, on and around the water because of WSFL.

Water confidence and ability is, amongst other things, the result of skills training and a sound understanding of water safety of self and others. That’s what WSFL does. The programme takes a controlled approach allowing students to build their ability and confidence incrementally across all aspects of water and water safety skills training. In addition, the ‘theory’ provides teachers opportunities to integrate learning across all curriculum subjects and make subjects such as geography, science, health, wellbeing, Te Reo and New Zealand history relevant.

I’m proud of the work we're doing at WSNZ and that of Swimming NZ and other WSFL providers in leading the way in aquatic education.

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It's always a good time for Water Skills for Life

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