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Teacher resource - skills to be achieved at the pool or safe water space


1. Get in and out of the water safely in any environment

Students should learn all forms of entry into and exit out of all types of aquatic environments, in situ and simulated, and be able to use a suitable technique to check for depth.

  • Entries—slide entry, step entry, ladder entry, wade entry, compact jump entry, stride entry, fall-in entry.
  • Exits—wading, steps/ladder, climb onto boat, climb up a bank, climb onto a board (such as surfboard or paddle board).
  • Provide students with the opportunity to learn all types of entries and exits and the knowledge of when each is appropriate to use.
  • Which entries and exits to teach needs to be based on the appropriate age and stage of the student.
  • Students are assessed as ‘achieved’ when they have achieved multiple forms of entry and exit.
  • Students are assessed as ‘not yet achieved’ if they have learnt only a couple of entries/exits.

2. Perform this sequence with a buddy watching: check the depth of the water, check that the area is safe, jump into deep water, float on back for 1 minute to control breathing, return to edge and exit

Sequencing is designed to ensure students understand the need to check an area is safe and to choose an appropriate entry and exit technique before entering the water.


Skill is assessed as ‘achieved’ when the full sequence can be performed. This is an example of what the student should be able to perform on their own when they are ready to choose their sequence of five skills.




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Getting in and out of the water



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