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Teacher resource - skills to be achieved at the pool or safe water space


1. Horizontal rotation (front to back and back to front)

Horizontal rotation is the rolling of the body from back to front and front to back.


Students can be assessed as ‘achieved’ when they are confidently in control of their rolling movements. As low count on front and back could be used. Further development of this skill could be done in different environments (e.g. currents,waves) as body movements are affected by water movement.

2. Horizontal to vertical rotation and vice versa (front or back to upright and return)

Horizontal to vertical rotation is the movement of body from a horizontal (front or back) to a vertical position.


Student can be assessed as ‘achieved’ when the student can move from a horizontal (front or back) to a vertical position (for example, if they were moving from propelling themselves forward to treading water).

3. Vertical rotation (half rotation and full rotation) around the body’s vertical axis

Vertical rotation is spinning around a vertical axis (for example, to look around while treading water). It is not a somersault.


Skill can be assessed as ‘achieved’ when the student is vertical in the water and can spin around a vertical axis.


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Rolling and turning in the water - orientation





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